Sidekick: A Pregnancy Field Guide For Dudes

Photo Credit:  Amy Jarrett Hill

Photo Credit: Amy Jarrett Hill

Are you or your partner expecting or considering getting pregnant? We are excited to share with you about an exciting new book release just for you!!! We heard about this project from the author, Brig Berthold, almost a year ago, and now it has been released as of March 1, 2019!

You can enter a contest to win 1 of 2 copies of the book: Sidekick Book Contest.

The contest is valid until March 20, 2019. Contest Rules: You must be at least 18 and a legal resident of the US to participate. You enter by signing up for Parental Legacy Newsletter and providing a life lesson about pregnancy. You increase your chances of winning by continuing to promote the book to others. In doing so you are helping spread the word about Brig's new book!

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We are honoured to give you a sneak peek into the book with some excerpts and photos below.

The title, "Dad", will make you a superhero. But it's only possible because a woman in your life goes through hell first. This book will make you a support champion. Because you, my man, are the sidekick.

A sidekick knows there is more to the first trimester than ginger ale. A sidekick knows where they fit into a baby shower. Most importantly, a sidekick has a plan to get his hero's favorite tacos in any situation.

Packed with practical tips, and over 20 illustrations, this book is the perfect guide to help men thrive during pregnancy. (Below is an example, and every pregnant woman said, “Thank you!”)

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I want the men and women who read my books, hear me speak, etc., to be forever changed for the better. I want their marriages and partnerships to flourish. I want their children, and their relationships with their children, to thrive and reach a new level of fulfillment.

This book is about pregnancy, absolutely. But at its heart, it's about relationships. I constantly encourage open communication between partners and building that into a family culture will always be the right answer. That's part of why I chose to talk about pregnancy. Because, for most people, life hasn't been as hard and crazy as it is, or will be, during pregnancy.

I always say, my time in a combat zone in Afghanistan was, in some ways, easier than my wife’s pregnancy.
— Brig Berthold

Body Odor

As your wife’s canine sense of smell develops into superhuman, her nose will send odd signals to her brain. In the first trimester you’re no longer the masculine sex symbol you were yesterday. Now you’re a stinky hobo who can’t spell shower to save your life. She will smell you, herself, and anyone else within the same zip code.

Photo Credit:  Amy Jarrett Hill

Photo Credit: Amy Jarrett Hill

The Third Trimester

The third trimester is a bit like preparing to live off the grid. You know the end is coming and you don’t want to be unprepared. We have to get you ready to handle baby showers, diaper bags, and your wife’s center of gravity. We also need to talk about sex. And, yes, it changes again.

Sympathy Weight

In every great sidekick–hero relationship, there comes a point when the sidekick offers to sacrifice their life for the hero. Fortunately, these acts of selfless valor rarely end in the sidekick’s death. The important thing is the physical sacrifice offered.

Strengthen your relationship while it’s hard and be rewarded for your effort for years to come.
— Brig Berthold

Sympathy weight is nearly inevitable. Only the most ardent and disciplined will escape the pending doom. You know it’s coming, the way Samwise Gamgee knew he and Frodo might die on their way to Mordor. Consider your weight gain a noble result of the harsh journey. A battle scar, which will absolutely live on in every photograph.

The Build Up

You want her to feel loved and noticed for her effort. At the end of the day, she should never doubt your support. Compliments are another way to make sure your hero gets what she needs from her trusty sidekick.

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Another Libido Change

Because you’re new to this, as I was, you may be wanting answers about how sex works in the second trimester. Does sex hurt the baby? The answer is no, and no, it doesn’t matter how well endowed you are. Just like everything else, communication is central to success. Talk with your hero and set boundaries if you need to. Find out what her boundaries are. Keep in mind you’ll need to continually re-evaluate the boundaries as her body changes.

Reader Reviews:

“The author perfectly balances humor and directness”

“This book is a practical guide to pregnancy that will help anyone, who may be feeling uneasy or uncertain, to have the confidence to handle anything that comes. The author perfectly balances humor and directness, honoring the seriousness of the situation and the importance of the knowledge being offered, while easing potential anxiety. After reading this book, you will feel prepared to be the perfect sidekick.” ~Kim and Tim - Evans, GA.

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“...Informative and Hilarious!”

“Sidekick” is the pregnancy survival guide your husband never knew he needed. This gem is full of step-by-step instructions that every partner will find useful, from how to deal with a pregnant woman’s late night cravings to packing the perfect hospital bag. This guide offers tender truths about the amazing journey that is pregnancy and it's presented in a way that is both informative and hilarious. Every sidekick needs this book!” ~Hannah - Greer, S.C.

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Brig Berthold writes because he can't sleep if he doesn't. Following a military career, he earned a degree in Journalism from Utah Valley University. He is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and an alumni member of the Wounded Warrior Project. Brig currently lives in South Carolina with his wife and daughter where he reports being outnumbered by redheaded females. To buy a copy, click here: Sidekick To find Brig on Social media: Twitter: @brig_berthold | Instagram: @brig_berthold | Facebook: Brig Berthold