Because Marriage Matters

There we were, nearly a decade into the wedding industry, called to walk away from it all.

An established photography company, a glowing reputation as a premier husband and wife team, and inquiries to book weddings years into the future.

But you know this feeling…

The feeling that the very thing you’ve been called to your whole life, is ready for you to dance with it.

For us, this was a chance to utilize our greatest gifts and impact the world through doing something we loved.

One night, while enjoying time in the jacuzzi, we developed a vision for this calling, this conviction we carry...

This is where Because Marriage Matters began.

This was our calling to transition from supporting couples on their wedding day, to supporting them in their marriage.

Our heart has always been to help others know and experience the sanctity of marriage - and we realized we had to go deep in our own marriage so we could help others do the same. We sought wisdom from experts, and dove deep into any resource we could find that would better our marriage.

Once you’ve spent a decade in the wedding industry - you’ve seen it all. We witnessed first hand the need for our program.

It also blew our minds that families would invest ~$50,000 into a wedding, and practically $0 into a marriage.

It was obvious why marriages were failing, and we were tired of it.

After careful study and development, we created our program and initially marketed it to couples who had their wedding photographed by us.

At nearly a 99% retention rate for our first group, we knew we had something special.

We launched our program, and are now working with couples from all around the world.

We then embarked on a journey to further enhance our marriage coaching skills and became certified by two of the best marriage coaches and psychologists on the planet, Dr. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks.

We support any couple, no matter the condition of their marriage, in creating a thriving and connected marriage filled with:

  • Responsibility instead of blame and victimhood.

  • Appreciation instead of criticism.

  • Creativity instead of negativity.

  • Unconditional love instead of shame.

This type of marriage is within your reach, today. Reach for it.

To Powerful Marriages,

-Austin & Rachel Holt

Austin and Rachel Holt have been married for 7 years and after working in the wedding photography business for 8 years they decided to launch Because Marriage Matters in January 2018 out of the need they saw for focusing on marriages and not just the wedding day. They have 2 beautiful daughters, with another baby girl on the way. They have studied Transformational Coaching at The Hendricks Institute. They live near Kansas City, Missouri. You can find them on FB: @becausemarriagematters or IG: @becausemarriagematters