From Tears To Purpose

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My story is literally from tears to purpose. My family and I lost everything in 2013. We went from losing our jobs back-to-back, to being robbed at gun point in our home of 7 years, to being evicted from our apartment shortly after. The Wilderness Season for my family started not knowing where we were going to go or stay, moving from place to place. We lived in my mother's house and friends' houses. We were sleeping on the floors, not knowing when our next meal was going to come. My two sons at the time witnessed our family go through so much transition. Through it all, we just tried to stay focused on moving in a positive direction. 

We moved into a hotel in Washington DC where we resided for 1 year and then we transferred to DD General, The Main Shelter in Washington DC.  We lived there for 2 years. But we made it through. We found out both of our sons had learning disabilities, which was a lot to handle, but we had faith that God would see us through no matter how it looked. In this storm I found purpose and I became an advocate for women to tell their stories, to help them heal and be set free. In February 2018 we moved into our new home, starting a new chapter in our lives. God truly allowed us to be a testimony to other families that you can survive and that there is purpose in the midst of the storm. Now I am a Radio Host to the show "Facing Purpose Radio" and founder of "Tears To Purpose Monologue Movement."  I have authored two books, "Act Like A Princess" and "Slay Pray Believe." So I am blessed and ready to keep helping other women share their testimonies. 



Lakia Barnett is a wife to her wonderful husband and a mother of 3, two boys and a girl. They live in the Washington DC area. She is the Founder of "Tears To Purpose Monologue Movement" and Radio and Station Owner to "Custom Made Radio Station" and "Facing Purpose Radio Show." Lakia is a true vessel of God.  An advocate for women to tell their stories and help them reach their purpose. But this all didn't just happen over night. After overcoming being homeless with her family for 3 years, Lakia realized her calling was not what she thought. But she has been running ever since to the purpose of her life. Lakia has been featured in "Authentically You Magazine." She has been on Fight To Fix Radio Show, I Heart Radio, Exposed Radio Show, Tell Your Story Tuesday, just to name a few. She is available for speaking engagements. She is also an author to two books: "Slay Pray Believe" and "Act Like A Princess." 

She can be contacted on Facebook: Lakia Barnett Purpose Chaser Kingdom or Instagram: @fullfilled3. You can also reach her by e-mail: