A Dad Five Times Over

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My World

Becoming a father for the first time is crazy―I remember it well, all these thoughts and emotions flooding through your mind at the same time! Let me tell you though, it’s the best feeling you will ever have in your life… I managed it five times!! I wasn’t always a stay at home dad though, but times and things changed and after the birth of our daughter I took upon this role.  To be honest it’s absolutely amazing, you get to enjoy every little thing from the moment they wake up till the moment they go to bed. 


The Challenges

Sometimes the hardest thing is deciding what to do for the day, especially on weekends, as obviously all are different ages and into totally different things. But we manage and I split myself into as many pieces as I can to share the day with them all.


Family Time

The one thing we all like doing is going on walks, exploring what’s around us, and enjoying the beautiful and small things in life which to me is best summed up as FAMILY TIME.  


Our Motto

I know in this day and age we are supposed to set an example for our children. My motto is if they are happy then so are we!  Even though we have rough days too―our hardest days are when MUM’S AT WORK ALL DAY ! The kids are always asking when Mum’s home, and I know my missus feels it too as she hates missing the little things that happen, hence why I am always taking snapshots of their life so not a thing is missed. I know it's not the same as being there but it's the best you can do to make your spouse still feel part of what’s happened or what has been done.


A Simple Smile

I wanted to encourage you, from one parent to another, to let you know that you're doing a great job!  No matter how hard times get and no matter how many children you have. What helps you feel encouraged as a Dad? Sometimes just getting that little hug, or kiss or even a smile is enough to let you know you're doing a great job as a PARENT! 



My advice to father’s that are in this situation is do what you feel you have to and don’t let any one sway you.  If you have already thought about becoming the man who has to stay at home for whatever the reason, DO IT, and don’t look back and capture every moment like it’s your last.  My plan in life wasn't this but there comes challenges and decisions in life that as a family you have to do what’s best for all and my story is what’s best for my family. So I encourage you DO NOT let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t be a stay-at-home Dad and that it should be the Mum's that do that. Well, no in fact, we have found that it’s what works best for you all as a unit, a family and a happy home!

I am interested to hear your thoughts! What have your experiences been like being a stay at home Dad? What have been your challenges? What have been your favourite moments?

My name is Darren and I have four gorgeous little boys from the age of 9-2 and my beautiful daughter who’s 1. We live in Scotland. I am currently a stay-at-home dad to our children while mum is working. I capture our moments together in photos and stories.

You can connect with me on Instagram: @dadoffourboysandalittlelady or read more on my blog: Four Boys And A Little Lady

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