Marriage, Parenting & Adoption: Through The Years

Anna and Tory are the sweetest couple who have been married for over 32 years. They chose to adopt both their children after being unable to conceive biologically. They share their wisdom and insight on what makes marriage work for them as well as their experiences with adoption from both then and now that their children are adults.


"Realize that you're never going to be that perfect parent, sorry but that's the truth."

“Making really good eye contact and making time to have that eye contact. Spending time with your children is so important. Reading to them and spending sitting if their eye level and getting down by them, not just talking to them as somebody from the sky.”

“We tried to make our house available for friends to come over. Knowing who their friends are and what they're up to and just trying to be involved.”


“When we adopted our first child she was bi-racial and half African-American half Caucasian and she wiggled her way right into both sets of grandparents' heart.”


"Finally when Jessica came along we definitely saw that God just preserved us for this particular time and we knew when she looked in our eyes and we looked in her eyes, we were sure that this was the one. It was meant to be! She was such a happy baby and when I had a maternity leave I remember having so much fun taking her out cuz everybody loved her. She was so smiley and she was just a real animated baby so it was fun to take her out and dress her. She was like a living dolly and she hasn't changed one bit she's still a living dolly.”


“Our son was one year old when we adopted him and his birth mother had tried raising him pretty much on her own for the first year but she was too young, 15 or 16 years old, and just wasn't quite ready for the responsibility. She wanted him to have a solid two-parent family that she didn't have so that's what brought him into our family. Truthfully he was kind of a miraculous one too.”


“Make sure you pray for each other on a regular basis. It's really hard to be mad at somebody if you're praying for them. Start your day off praying together, not just praying for them individually, but praying together really helps you to bring God into it and sometimes in the middle of that prayer God will change your heart or change his heart.”