My Journey Towards A Healthy Lifestyle

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Weight was always a foreign word to me growing up. I knew what it meant, of course, however I never paid the word any mind. I didn’t own a scale at home and to be honest, I was that girl in high school that could eat what I wanted and maintained a very small figure. I constantly played sports in high school and because of that I was burning a very high amount of calories daily. What I wasn’t prepared for was what happened to me after high school.


The "Freshman 20"

I always thought the reference to “freshman 20” was a joke. That was until I gained my freshman 20! While in college, I was no longer playing sports and maintaining my eating habits. I had a gym membership, but I did not know my way around a gym so I found myself doing mostly cardio. This was the first time in MY ENTIRE LIFE that I looked at myself in the mirror actually formed a negative opinion about myself. I remember pinching my fat and feeling utter disgust. I began to struggle with food by eating less (an unhealthy amount less) and doing 2 a day sessions of cardio at the gym. I found that I was never satisfied with my body image. I continued to struggle with this for a very long time. I even resorted to dangerous dieting to fit into my wedding dress. I maintained my gym workouts as best I could, but I began nursing school which made it difficult to work out regularly.


Baby Weight

Post Baby #1

Post Baby #1

Enter pregnancy! Since I had no food control (because I never had to watch what I ate as a teen) I began to eat whatever, whenever I wanted to. Here came 60 lbs with my first pregnancy. I was so ASHAMED of myself I couldn’t believe I let myself get that far. WOW, I would cry in disgust and hate for myself daily. I decided to trust my fears and bad sense of body image in an amazing woman named Diane. She owns a company called Venus Pole Fitness, but she also ran 12 week bootcamp challenges. I joined and learned to eat clean and workout properly and lost a total of 45 pounds! I was finally at my pre baby weight and actually feeling confident and then….. Pregnancy #2 (Surprise!!). Here came another 60 lbs and I was once again left feeling discouraged and hateful towards myself. This baby I ended up breast pumping for a year so I didn’t make the conscious decision to lose the weight till after a year, so because of that I felt fulfilled for my baby yet it festered even more self esteem issues. Now, not only did I hate my figure but my confidence level was at an all time low.


Post Baby #2 & Figure competition

Post Baby #2 & Figure competition

Competition Stage

I finally made the decision that it was time to lose the baby weight so once again I turned to Diane and decided that to lose the baby weight this time I was going to do a figure competition. I trained for 16 weeks with intense workouts and an even more intense diet. I lost all the weight and then some for a total of 35 lbs! I was the smallest I had been in years, and while I was happy with my body image it really strained my confidence and it was not a sustainable lifestyle. After my second competition 5 months later I put on a whopping 20 lbs in hormones and fat. It was so crazy. No one ever told me that that can happen in 2 weeks flat. I quickly became depressed and in a huge reclusive state of solitude.

Taking Control

I knew it was bad when I wanted absolutely NO physical contact with my husband. I needed to end the cycle. I started working out at the gym the way I wanted to and on MY terms. This allowed me to find a routine that I could sustain. I also started eating the Paleo diet, and for once found a diet that I did not want to have any “cheat meals”. I was steadily and healthily losing the weight again and this time it stayed off. I learned that strength is beauty not how small your pant size is. I stopped putting so much pressure on myself and started making healthy decisions for my life, and it has made a world of difference. I no longer compare myself to other women in the gym, and I don’t want to murder myself every time I indulge. I have learned to experiment with healthy cooking and now HEALTHY is my lifestyle. I will always find problem areas, but I have to remind myself that I was given this body for a reason and I am my own worst critic. Sometimes the flaws I see, people can’t even see at all and that was rev-elating for me. Just remember that the person next to you is struggling just as bad as you no matter what they look like, but once you release these thoughts from your mind and no longer focus on them you will find a confidence that is like no other! That is EMPOWERING!




Hi there! I am Terra Goodrich. I am a wife to an amazing man, a mother of two beautiful children, a Registered Nurse, I am also a CEO of my own healthcare company. I love all things that is travel. My passion is taking care of people, and teaching them how to live with their diseases without struggling and not letting the disease run their lives.

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