Why Celebrating Is A Key To Success


When was the last time you celebrated? Raised your glass, even if it's sparkling water, to make a toast in celebration? We try to every night at dinner, and if we forget, usually our 2 year-old son remembers and raises his glass of bubbly water. Celebrating is important to our well-being and a key to success. Which comes first, celebration or success? Both are important to each other. We would like to argue that celebration comes before any great success, and here's 7 reasons why. 

1. Celebration begins with Reflection


In order to celebrate, you need to begin by reflecting upon the moment, the day, the year, the person, whatever it is you want to celebrate. In our home, one of our daily traditions at the dinner table has been to ask the question, "What was the best part of your day?" We find that this question helps us reflect back on the day, and recount the positive happenings. Rather than the boring question of "How was your day?" "Good." "Good", this question most often elicits a story It is more motivating to share the good things, which leads us to our next point! 

Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.
— Osho

2. Positivity sparks positivity


Success in all aspects of life is marked by positivity. Even conflict. How can this be? In marriage conflict, expert, John Gottman says that if one person is able to lighten the tension with a joke, smile, or laughter, it is going to help them stay on course for healthy conflict management. It helps maintain the right mindset to move beyond differences, focusing on what is good. Positivity sparks positivity. Laughter is contagious. Joy is contagious. A smile is contagious. Unless you are a Scrooge, then of course nothing is going to help. A positive attitude will bring you far to reaching your success, however you define it. 

A positive attitude will bring you far...
— Christina Lorentzson

3. Focuses on the learning process


Great success is not achieved in a day, but is achieved through a series of small successes which are composed of learning in the midst of failure. Success would not exist without failure. Failure is necessary in life... I know, I don't like hearing that either. No one ENJOYS failing! But we enjoy the result of failing, which is learning! Think about a baby learning to walk. A baby just doesn't start walking one day. It's a process which often includes many falls before the baby can walk. So it is with life. Success is achieved through a learning process with a necessary element of failure. 

Success is a series of small wins.
— Jaime Tardy

4. Boosts your confidence


Think about this... what's your favourite day of the year? Why? Does your favourite day revolve around a celebration? Perhaps a birthday? I love celebrating birthdays! Not just my own, but especially for others too. Birthdays are amazing days to celebrate LIFE. Your life. YOU are worth celebrating! There is only one YOU! You are unique. You are gifted. You are loved. Those words should be spoken over every baby, child, human. Every day. Because it's true. Celebration does wonders to encourage, uplift, and focus on the strengths of a person, which brings us to our next point... 

YOU are worth celebrating!
— Christina Lorentzson

5. Is motivating


When are you the most motivated? Probably when you feel the most encouraged. When you feel empowered. When you feel supported. Celebration helps cultivate all of these things. My husband is an entrepreneur and loves starting companies. There are times I haven't been as supportive of his ideas, and I know that has crushed him and negatively impacted his success. I have learned the importance of small steps in the big picture of life. And celebrating the progress and victories. That is far more motivating and encouraging than focusing on potential loss, risks, or failure. As you begin celebrating smaller moments of success, it will create a momentum that will continue to propel you forward to even greater success. When you see positive results, it encourages you to keep going. The key is to 'see', and celebrating helps you 'see' your success. 

Celebrate how far you’ve come today.

6. Creates a heart of gratitude


Celebration allows us to stop... pause... and be caught in the moment. A moment of gratitude. So often we can take life for granted. Those who have lost loved ones or gone through a tragedy,  can attest to this. The importance of celebrating life and moments while we have them. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. That is a sobering thought. Living like it is your last moment. How do you do that in actuality? A lifestyle of Thankfulness. With a heart of gratitude. Taking a deep breath. Revelling in the here and now. Lingering in the moment. Celebrating. 

We celebrate success, but I think we should also just celebrate giving it a go.
— Phil Keoghan

7. Makes us happy


Think about a recent memory where you were happy. You didn't want that moment to stop, right? The reason for that is because of the chemical dopamine. Another word for dopamine is 'happy chemicals'. Celebrating is fun and feels good because it creates a chemical reaction in your brain, releasing dopamine. As another article states, "dopamine is released into our brain when we anticipate achieving something or we achieve it – and it feels good, so we want more of it." When you take time to celebrate, you are reinforcing the feelings of happiness which create more fuel for launching you in your success.  

Who doesn't love celebrating? It doesn't have to be complicated, a simple glass of water will do to make a toast. It's the symbol that is more important. You are symbolising your gratitude after a moment of positive reflection. While giving a speech about your small successes, you will find yourself motivated, confident, and happy. All of these will work together to help you achieve greater successes. As the expression goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day." Celebrate your victories, day by day, and eventually you will see the big picture. Success may look a little different than you had anticipated. But isn't that true with life? The key is to celebrating all throughout life... no matter the seasons. Always find the positive. You will be so thankful you did. (Unless of course you prefer to be a Scrooge.) How are you celebrating today?

Rome wasn’t built in a day.
— Li Proverbe au Vilain