Boredom and Childhood

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Have you ever thought that boredom is positive for children? It is contrary to the material world we are surrounded by today. Even more so, today’s generation of children are growing up in a fast-paced, self-serving, instant-gratification world. Think of life a hundred years ago, where there was no such thing as 'screen time' or 'virtual reality'. Life was simple. Life was play. Life was relational. Nature was life’s playground. Imagination was free. Author of the book 'The More of Less',  Joshua Becker, argues that the less toys children have, the more it will benefit them in the future.  

Below are some positive reasons for lessening the toys in our children's lives:

  1. Kids become more creative

  2. Kids develop longer attention spans

  3. Kids develop more socially

  4. Kids learn to take better care of things

  5. Kids appreciate reading, writing, art

  6. Kids become more resourceful

  7. Kids learn to collaborate more

  8. Kids learn perseverance

  9. Kids learn appreciation

  10. Kids explore more nature

  11. Kids learn contentment

  12. Kids live in a cleaner environment

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Children are led by example. This might mean you need to put down your phone. Refrain from capturing the moment on video or camera, and focus on capturing the image for your internal memory bank. Turn off the TV, tablet, or laptop. It will probably do you some good to clear your mind. It will be challenging. There will probably be withdrawals. Start with an hour and maybe you can work up to a whole day, once a week.   If you are looking for further suggestions of how to encourage imagination and free-play, take a look at this article

What happens if you allow your children to be bored? Have you discovered other positive reasons to live more simply? How do you find time in midst of the fast-paced world to enjoy the moment?