Thankful In All Things: A Divorced Mom Of 8


It's a perspective thing; thankfulness.


What do we say when bad things happen? In my case, divorce. Betrayal. Lies. Another woman. After 15 years together and 8 beautiful children. How can I be thankful in the midst of the pain and heartache this is causing me and our children? 


As a Christian, I believe that God is perfectly and completely in control, He is good, He is faithful. I know that He can work all things together for our good. And with that being the case, I can have a different perspective on my problems.


Because of that, I can say...


Thank You Lord for this divorce, because it means you have something better for me.


Thank you Lord for those who never accepted me, spoke curses over our marriage, and tried to rip our family apart from day one, because it makes me all the more determined to love and accept unconditionally they who come into my life as children, whether it be by my future marriage or my children's future marriage. I will be to them what I never had, and my zone will be a safe zone. I will speak blessings over them and I will pray for any trouble I see, rather than pounce on it as a chance to expose weakness. My loss will be my children's gain.


Thank you Lord for those who contributed to the breakdown of my marriage, no matter who they are, no matter what role they played, and no matter how long they've been in the picture, because it is Your confirmation to me that my gut instincts were right, and I can trust myself in the future.


Thank You Lord for all these troubles, because they bring me closer to you.


Thank you Lord for 15 years with him. I am who I am today because of my time with him. You have given me so much and shown me so much during that chapter of my life. What a ride! Plus, this union gave me 8 beautiful children, and I know they were God's perfect will for my life. They were always supposed to exist.


I walk away from this with thankfulness. I am excited for what is ahead.


Of course this doesn't mean I don't experience hurt. It doesn't mean I am immune to the violent forces around me. What it does mean is, I can have peace because God is completely in control of my life, and He is a good and faithful God.


-Jordan Arnold


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